Mumkey Jones is a youtuber who was once planned to play a shooter in "Cool Cat Stops A School Shooting". Mumkey was originally going to play the role of Butch the Bully's henchman during the events of the school shooting, although due to the film's setbacks, Derek Savage got greedy with money and dropped the project for a stupid, pointless Stranger Danger film. As a result, he decided to make his own school shooter film to spite Derek Savage and did on 1/5000 of the budget Savage wanted. Mumkey Jones has also made his well known Youtube's termination Survival guide. On 12 December 2018, Mumkey Jones was terminated due to false strikes on both of his channels, even private videos no one saw, which was evidence of an automated bot taking him down. When Mumkey used a different account as a new channel after rebuilding 80K of the original 300K subs he had, a day later, Youtube terminated both of his new accounts. A month later, when his Girlfriend Sheepover decided to make a channel called Jungle Jimmy to indirectly support mumkey jones posted a Declassified Youtube Termination Survival Guide, youtube completely blocked him and banned Jungle Jimmy, even though Mumkey had absolutely nothing to do with Jimmy's Channel, and any remaining YT term. Survival guides were demonetised.


-His awesome Elliot rodger videos

-Diary of a Wimpy Kid videos that proved Jeff Kinney and Greg were Sociopaths. Jeff Kinney, like savage, took down videos and whined whenever they didn't like his movie.

-Mumkey Jones Stops a School Shooting.

-Declassified survival Guides

-Anime Reviews.