Derek Savage 4

Picture from official website

Derek savage is a man baby who cant accept critiscm and whines whenever someone doesnt like his stupid movie. He also loves a cat and promotes beastality by maintaining a relationship with "momma cat". Derek Savage is a man who's friends with YMS, despite his review also being negative. Derek Savage also tried to shut down IHE, because he claimed he "Copyright Infringed" his movie when IHE's review was well with in Fair Use. Claims that putting logos in a movie's copyright infringement, but by that logic, he'd be in trouble with Apple, Jeep, Dakota Tires, Gmail, etc. Derek Savage was going to do a movie on Cool Cat Stops a School Shooting, but got greedy and dropped the project, so Mumkey Jones stepped in and did it himself with 1/5000 of the budget he was asking for.


  • Being a pussy and possibly gay and animal attracted
  • Not knowing laws, and thinking Fair Use is a term to get out of copyright infringement.
  • literally doing illegal shit to take down IHE, Josiah Clarke, and any youtuber who doesn't like his movie.
  • His horrible film Cool Cat Saves the Kids, buy it. He can really use the money to buy McDonalds so he doesn't starve to death.
  • The Dancer: A Male Stripper Story.
  • Cool Cat books
  • Trolley the Trout