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Cool Cat Saves the Kids is a 2015 American direct-to-DVD children's film, directed and written by Derek Savage and based on the series of children's books also by Savage. The film is a compilation of the three short films Cool Cat Stops Bullying, Cool Cat in the Hollywood Parade and Cool Cat Finds a Gun. The film stars Jason Johnson playing the title role, with Derek Savage, Conner Dean and Jessica R. Salazar in supporting roles. Vivica A. Fox and Erik Estrada cameo as themselves.

The film was negatively received by critics, with criticism towards the film's budget, editing and screenplay but the film has since received a cult following after being reviewed by YouTubers Your Movie Sucks and I Hate Everything and is considered one of the best "so-bad-it's-good" films.

The film has since been rereleased multiple times, with Cool Cat Kids Superhero in 2015 and Cool Cat Saves the Kids: Director's Cut in 2022.

Despite the film's title, at not one point in the film does Cool Cat directly save any kids.


Additionally, an uncredited man cameos as a person who can be seen in the background of one of the shots walking out of his house, realising the film is being made, and then slowly walking back in.


In LA, California, Cool Cat is making signs with one of his middle school friends, Maria, because Cool Cat is taking part in an election for 'School President'. This is interrupted when one of their schoolmates, Butch the Bully, is seen lurking nearby, behind a car. Maria shortly receives a text from a number she doesn't recognize. This is where we receive our first piece of bad advice where Cool Cat entices Maria to open the message despite not knowing who sent it in the first place. After it reads that Maria is ugly and has rat hair, they discover that it was Butch who sent the text.

After running away because his text didn't bother them, Butch then finds a can of spray paint and uses it to ruin one of Cool Cat's signs. This is where karma sets in and the wind forces some of the spray to catch onto the bully's eyes, forcing him to run away again. Instead of checking on him, or seeing if he is okay, both Cool Cat and Maria mock him, and proceed about their day. Unfortunately, Butch finds not only another spray can, but also two other boys to help him ruin the neighborhood.

Upon discovering this, Cool Cat runs to confront the three on their behavior, forcing Butch to flee and leave the can with them. When asked why the boys are doing what Butch said, they say that 'no one loves them', which Cool Cat responds with 'That's not true, because I love you'. As he is reminding the boys about being nice, a random guy is seen exiting his house, and walking straight back in upon noticing Cool Cat.

Afterward, Maria and Cool Cat part ways, after being too exhausted over Butch's antics. We then get introduced to 'Momma Cat' (which is actually Cool Cat's costume with lips, make-up and a dress slapped onto it), who answers the phone and states that Vivica A. Fox and Eric Estrada have invited Cool Cat over to there house for a 'cookout'. Right after this, Cool Cat heads upstairs to check his E-mails, and discovers that someone has sent him hate mail. This is where we receive our second piece of bad advice, where Cool Cat responds in a similar way, mocking the cyberbully of not having any friends, with the bully replying that their 'going to get him tomorrow'.

This causes Cool Cat to start freaking out about what the bully might do to him, causing him to have a nightmare on what to do, with the solution of standing up for himself. Unfortunately, Cool Cat never gets to save those kids.

Then Cool Cat gets invited to the Hollywood Parade. He has to ask Daddy Derek if he can go. Daddy Derek says "Sure" and they go to the Hollywood Parade. They drive down a red carpet.

Then the movie talks about gun safety. Cool Cat and his friends find a gun in the grass. They decide to tell Daddy Derek about it, but Butch steals the gun, planning to extort students out of their lunch money at the middle school.

The following morning, Daddy Derek learns of Butch's plans and calls his parents. He then escorts Cool Cat and his friends to the school. They then see Butch showing off the gun to a friend. A police officer arrives at the scene and arrests Butch once again.

With Butch defeated, Cool Cat is now free from his bullying. He then runs for school president and wins the election. On top of this, he also wins the writing contest, winning $100.

Critical Reception

The film currently has a 4.0/10 on IMDb, a 35% approval on Google and a 3.7/5 on Amazon UK.


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