Cool Cat

cool cat is Ugly, played by an immature 29 year old unemployed computer technician, who doesn't know how to stop bullying and is such a hypocrite with ignoring bullying and looking both ways before crossing the street.

-Cool Cat loves ALL KIDS AND BABIES. COOL CAT Saves the kids is a huge lie. One, he does not save any kids, he just wines about being bullied. two, he's really not cool, he's just like barney, except way dumber and immature. Three, calling him a cat is disputable, because he takes drugs and has no eye lids to show when he's asleep vs when he's awake.

other than raping kids theese are some other things this pussy likes to do.

=====he like  sing   he like candie=====

he H O N K

He likke baby he like to jerk off he drug

He like to B O O G I E W O O G I E  and to stop evil bullies such as Bitch the Buly.

he likes to pussy fuck daddy derekT